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Navigating the Troubled Teen Years
You don’t know what happened. One day, your son was holding your hand and now he is taller than you are. He’s strong enough to pick you up and carry you around. He has become a young man. Other changes have happened as well. Your teen has become moody and disruptive. Once a good student, he is now causing trouble at school. His grades are failing and there is simply no interest in his classes anymore. The only thing he wants to do is hang out with a group of friends that are a negative influence. He’s been disrespectful to you and now he’s spending nights away from home. You’re at wit’s end about how to handle him.
Begin with an Intervention
The first step to reach out to your teen could be gathering a group of people who care deeply about his welfare. From your family physician to the school social worker, family members, and friends, create a support group and face your son. Discuss the issues that have been causing a problem of late and try and get to the bottom of your son’s behavior.
Cut Off Any Extras
If your son cannot show you respect and is displaying poor behavior, he does not deserve any privileges until he turns his life around. Take away the car and the cell phone. Do not allow him to go out anymore. Cut off any spending money. Show your teen that you are serious and that there are consequences for his actions.
Try Tough Love
When all else fails, you can consider taking it to the next level. Juvenile boot camp could be the answer you are looking for in order to help your son to get back on the right path in life. Your teen will be placed in a structured, secure environment where his behavior will be addressed. As he is surrounded by other teens who are facing a similar situation, he will know that he is not alone. Your son will be supervised and advised by counselors who are intent on giving him the help that he needs. Once your son has learned respect and appreciation for you, as well as how to make better choices in life, he will be ready to return home. Don’t let him slip away or give up. Help is available for troubled teens.

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