Surpahs Digital Bathroom Scale Review

Surpahs™ makes great kitchen scales, bathroom scales and kitchenware products. We are a private held company operated by the great Internet sense team players.
Surpahs, synonyms of Surpass, meaning to be beyond the limit, powers, excellence, be superior to in achievement, so is our commitment.
Surpahs was conceived to deliver high quality home products at an innovative price point, we work directly with the same manufacturers for many traditional brands in premium department stores, cut out the middle export/import disctributing steps, and connect customers with these premium factories.
Surpahs allows consumers to have the same high-end quality home and kitchen products at a fraction of the cost.
I received a bathroom scale from Surpahs at no cost in exchange for my honest review

My Review
Everyone needs a scale in their house for one need or another. I received this Shiny Small Lightweight Scale from Surpahs and I absolutely love it. Its small, but still very usable, it’s lightweight and thin, and has a nice bright display. It runs on 4 AAA batteries and has an auto shut off feature. It not only calculates weight, but BMI also. My boys are a bit on the small side and I tend to worry a bit about their weight, are they eating enough and gaining like they should. They aren’t super thrilled with the pink color, but they love seeing that they are getting bigger. As you can see in the pictures they’ve both yet to hit 50 pounds, but they get a kick out of seeing the numbers go up every so often. I like that this is so sleek and thin and it sits perfectly out of the way until we need it. It’s very easy to set up with a profile for up to four people. If you have a small area like we do this is a great scale to have!

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