Qwikword Review and Giveaway

Revolutionize the world one word at a time.
Qwikword was designed to be a new kind of social media platform that goes beyond clicking a “like” button. The premise of the platform is for a user to react to visual stimuli, called ‘sparks’, and enter the first word that comes to mind.
Qwikword builds stronger connections by sharing similarities throughout a global community on a deeper, emotional level. The initial thought, the intuitive reaction, and the international user base, engages a new and interactive type of social community.
I received a Qwikword Embroidered Logo T-Shirt at no cost in exchange for this post.
Qwikword is a unique new social media site. Instead of posting statuses or random thoughts, you reply to pictures with one word, like stream of consciousness. You see the picture and post the first word you think. So easy, but fun and thought provoking too. You can respond to others pictures and post your own also. I’ve already spent several hours on the site and love it. You can share personal pictures, animals, nature or comics. You can connect with others through your likes and what you think of different pictures.
Qwikword sent me a logo’d t shirt to review in exchange for this post. I love t shirts, I live in them. This shirt is very comfortable, the fabric is soft, and it retains color and shape in the wash.

Win a T-Shirt!

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