Knuckle Lights Review & Giveaway

Knuckle Lights is the first and only light designed specifically to be worn on your hands, in the perfect position to light the path in front of you and be seen on your next run or walk in the dark.
I received a set of Knuckle Lights at no charge in exchange for an honest review

~Bright! 4 LED’s Per Hand
~3 Power Settings: High, Low and Blinking 
~Easy Power Button to Conserve Battery Life 
~Adjustable Silicone Strap 
~Soft Edging for a Comfortable Fit 
~Available in 5 Stylish Colors
~Batteries Included 
~FREE Shipping to U.S and Canada
~Beam Pattern: Wide 
~Light Output: 45 Lumens per light 
~Power Source: AAA x 2 per light 
~The light is closer to the road or path than other options 
~Promotes good running form–having the lights on your knuckles keeps your arms up in the proper running position 
~A cool look and feel that is fun to wear 
~A reasonably priced alternative to headlamps and other options 
~No headlamp “Steam Blindness” in cold weather
~100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason return it within 90 days for a full refund.
~5 YEAR WARRANTY! Knuckle Lights™ are guaranteed for 5 years against any defects in materials or manufacture.
These Knuckle Lights are one of the coolest products we have gotten to review. I had wanted these for my husband. We live right on the edge of a national forest, and my husband and boys do a lot of trail walking and bike riding. My husband also rides his bike quite a lot in the evening. We have a bear in the neighborhood who likes to eat our trash. These Knuckle Lights are great for hubby! He can use them when he goes out to take out, or pick up, the trash. He takes them with them when they go walking and he uses them when he rides his bike. They are compact and so non intrusive to whatever activity he needs to do. He uses them in the house and outside the house. These have 3 power settings so you can choose the brightness you need. These have a sturdy silicone strap that keeps them in place and they don’t slip around on his hands and get in the way. These are weatherproof also, so he can use them rain or shine, and we get a lot of rain here in Florida. He loves his Knuckle Lights! We give them a big 5/5!
Win a set for yourself!
  1. I would use these for walking at dusk or after dark. My husband rides his bike to work 3 days a week in the morning before daylight and he might use them too when riding to work. thanks.

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