King Pen Vapes Vaporizer Review

King Pen Vapes is your ultimate one stop shop for all vaporizers and vaporizer accessories. They have vaporizers for dry herb, concentrates and e liquids.
I received an e liquid vaporizer kit at no cost in exchange for my honest review.
This is a Variable Voltage Vaporizer. You can adjust the output voltage easily to customize the flavor output from the atomizer. Other atomizers give a burnt taste, stop vaporizing liquid, and are an overall hassle. The CE5 has no replaceable parts except the tip and as such gives a very good performance.
I also received a 15ml bottle of 6mg Cantaloupe E Liquid
My Review
Myself and my husband have been exclusively vaping since June of this year. My husband was a pack every day and a half smoker when we made the switch. It has been a suprisingly easy transition for him. I smoked a lot less than he did, so it was even easier for me. We have tried a few different types of vape pens, but this is the first variable voltage battery we have tried. This battery is the eGO brand, which has worked very well for us, and we have become loyal to the brand. We recieved the starter kit with the battery, 1.6 ml capacity clearomizer, USB charger, an e-liquid refill bottle and a nice carry case. This battery is larger than non variable voltage batteries, but lasts quite a bit longer on a charge, depending on what voltage you are using. The battery does still have the most common thread pattern of 510, which means it can easily be interchanged with different clearomizers, atomizers and tanks and chambers. This battery has been great for my husband, who is a heavier vaper than I am. On one charge, even with heavy vaping, he can go 4 or 5 days before having to charge it again. This battery turns on and off easily by pressing the power button 5 times. We always turn ours off between uses to make the batteries last longer. This battery is high quality, while still having a very reaonable price point. I don’t think he will go back to a non variable voltage battery any time soon. We highly recommend this battery for beginner or experienced vapers alike!
We also recieved a bottle of the Avalance Vape e-liquid to try in Cantaloupe flavor, with a 6mg nicotine content. We both enjoyed this e-liquid. The flavor was just right, not too sweet, and not too bland. It was easy to pour into the clearomizer, and the liquid lasts quite a while.
Overall I would highly recommend King Pen Vapes for all your vaping needs!

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