Gamesformotion Chocolate Games Review

Gamesformotion creates tailor-made games for any purpose, from advertising to education. Besides developing our own games we produce branded games. Our range also features unique chocolate editions of the world’s favorite games. With these products especially we are a top player on a global scale.
We received 4 of the chocolate games at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Gamesformotion is announcing the release of classic childhood board game favorites including Candy Land, Monopoly, Clue, Battleship and more, which will all exclusively feature game pieces that you can eat. All of the chocolate games have the same essential features as their famous counterparts, except that their cards and letter tiles have been replaced with the finest Belgian milk chocolate encased within printed wrappers. Rules for all of the games have been slightly modified by Gamesformotion to ensure they’re always fun and easy to play. Now instead of playing solely for the bragging rights of winning, in many of the games, you now win all of the chocolate that you could hope for in one sitting. Now that’s something to pass go for.
Our Review

This is such a cute and unique idea! We had so much fun with these games. The pieces are all chocolate! We got to do family game night, then eat the game pieces as a snack! My boys had a blast with these. The games are classic games that we all love. The games came with instructions also. They play the same way the original games play, except you can eat the chocolate game pieces when you’re done playing! These games would make great holiday gifts for friends and family who love board games. The chocolate used to make the game pieces is absolutely delicious also!

Check out all the choices at the link below!

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