Ellie Luxury Workout Clothing Review

Seriously Fashion-forward. Seriously On-trend. Seriously Comfortable. Seriously affordable. Be the “FIT” girl of fashion with Ellie, she’ll get you to your fitness fashion goals 😉
I received 2 pieces of clothing from Ellie at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
I’m not what you would call a hard core exerciser. I have some physical health conditions that make main stream exercise routines hard for me to do. I do however like to do some Yoga and a few other low key things like that. I already don’t feel super before I even start, so I absolutely have to be comfortable when I do decide to work out. I received these two pieces from Ellie, and I love them! The capris and the shirt are my favorite items to wear now, when I’m doing Yoga, or even when I’m just relaxing. The items fit perfectly and the fabrics are great. The capris are stretchy, but don’t stretch out when I wash them or from just wearing them. The fabric is not only comfortable but moisture wicking. Even at my highest activity level on the hottest day I don’t feel like I’m wearing too much, or that they are too tight or uncomfortable. The shirt I could live in 24/7. The Polyester/Spandex fabric is super soft and doesn’t stretch out with wear or wash. I love the pink and gray color combination also. I am in love with the Ellie brand of workout clothing and can’t wait to pick out some more pieces!

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