Craft Coffee Review

Most people can’t put their finger on exactly why they love their favorite coffee so much. As mornings become more manic and hours turn into minutes, we no longer have time to play the dating game with different roasters. Lucky for us, Craft Coffee has recently launched the Coffee DNA Project™ — a revolutionary customized coffee subscription service powered by your taste buds. 
Through extensive research, science, and technology, Craft Coffee found that when it comes to coffee, people want two things – experience and convenience. With just a 30 second survey about your coffee preferences and habits, they deliver hand-roasted coffees right to your doorstep on your schedule. Great for coffee drinkers who simply need a pick me up to those who love to savor it, Craft Coffee offers freshly roasted coffees that are guaranteed to fit your personal price range and preferential coffee treatment. Craft Coffee also stands out as the only service on the market that tailors their coffee services to each drinker individually, and boasts a convenient delivery schedule that arrives whenever you need it there.
I filled out the 30 second survey and received 3 bag of coffee at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

My Review
I love coffee. Like really love coffee. I drink at least 2 cups a day, usually more. I am always looking for new flavors and roasts to try. I don’t like just plain old coffee, I like to have different flavors to savor and enjoy. I got 3 blends from Craft Coffee to try. I filled out a survey about my likes, and based off of that they sent me some different blends to try. The packaging was cute, it was like getting to open a present. The coffee smelled amazing, and I couldn’t wait to try it. I can honestly say I enjoyed all 3 varieties. Each variety has a unique flavor with a blend of floral tones and sweetness coming from different fruit essences. I really enjoyed getting to try these different blends and I would definitely go through Craft Coffee again. There are so many varieties of coffee to try and I would love to get to sample them all!

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