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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cookina Cuisine Reusable Cooking Sheet Review

We want you to love cooking as much as you love eating. We want you to create and fall in love with meals you've been afraid to try before. We want to you to discover the joy that clean up and calories have stolen from the cooking experience.

Cookina makes reusable non-stick products for everyday household use.

I received the Cookina Cuisine Reusable Cooking Sheet

Ideal for non-stick, easy-clean and healthy cooking and baking!
Alternative to costly aluminum foil, parchment and wax paper
Keeps your oven and baking trays clean
Suitable for gas/electric ovens, microwaves and panini grills

100% Non-stick: Food simply glides off the PTFE (PFOA free) coated non-stick fabric
Reusable and reversible
Oil and fat-free cooking: Allows you to cook without fat or oil for a much healthier lifestyle.
Your food is tastier, lower in calories and retains all of its vitamins
Holds no odor or flavor from previous use
Easy to clean:No need to scrub. Easy wipe or wash clean.
Easy cut to size
Keeps food tender, juicy and tasty!


We used to have boxes upon boxes of foil, and cans of cooking spray taking up room in our pantry. It really was a pain to make sure our pans were non stick when we wanted to cook or bake something. The foil is a pain to get on the pan just right, and can rip and make a bigger mess. The spray is messy too and gets on everything on the counter when you spray the pan. We got this Cookina Reusable Cooking Sheet to review and couldn't wait to try it. We love it! This works exactly like it says it does, and it is truly reusable. Nothing sticks to this. We have done Tater Tots, pork chops, cookies, pizzas, and used this to line a cake pan. It cleans easily with just a wipe and stores right back in the box, We really love cooking and baking with this, and will probably never buy foil again.

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