Useful Things Lunch Kit Review

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I received the Lunch Kit at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

Product Description
Just because you’re a person on the go, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a healthy meal. This Lunch Kit is the perfect solution for carrying a well-rounded and healthy lunch no matter where your day takes you. This six piece set includes two SnapBox waterproof containers with lids (one oval and one triangular), a waterproof main container, a convenient spork, a lid that doubles as a plate, and carrying harness. With its three separate (waterproof) containers, you can keep your food from mixing, unless of course you’re into that. And, the utensil stores easily into the lunch kit, so it stays clean. Perfect for sandwiches, snacks, or salads, this lunch kit has everything you need for a comfortable and complete meal.
Includes: 1 lid/plate, 1 plate/bowl, 1 waterproof SnapBox original, 1 waterproof SnapBox oval, 1 spork, 1 harness
Materials: PP- polypropolene, Spork made of Tritan, Harness made of TPE
My Review
I pack my lunch for work almost every day. I usually wind up taking left overs from our dinners, so I’m always looking for better containers to make that easier and more convenient. This lunch kit from Useful Things is perfect. It can be put in the microwave at work, has it’s own matching fork/spoon utensil, and the carrying harness keeps it closed nice and tight so food doesn’t leak out. It also hold just the right amount for a lunch portion. I don’t have to worry about finding matching lids and containers in my cabinets anymore. The 2 smaller matching containers are great for fruit and sides that you may not want mixed in with your main meal. All 3 containers snap tight and are leak and water proof. The plastic doesn’t stain or retain food colors or smells either. This set is very easy to clean. This set can be carried by itself and also fits into most lunch boxes, even smaller ones.

This set is great for kids going back to school also. They can pack hot or cold food and their snacks, and it would all easily fit in their back packs or lunch boxes. The design shape and color are also pretty cool and original. This set has a wide range of usefulness that makes it perfect for any age and lunch need.

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  • Weight: 9.91 oz

    1. My oldest son just started school this year and has informed me he wants to start taking his own lunch to school. This lunch kit sounds like it would be ideal for him. #ThrowbackThursdayLP

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