The Girl Who Remained Elusive Review

Five years ago my only worry in the world was wondering if mother would punish me when she found out that I’d ditched the middle school dance to go to the movies alone and see District 9. It’s a movie my mom forbade me to watch. Now, I feel like a character in my own end-of-world film, and I’m more than halfway convinced it’s the end of the world. I sleep in a cave with a couple dozen other people, hiding from a government corporation intent on keeping every single human being on the planet too doped up to be aware of their surroundings. My assets include: two pairs of pants, two tees, a pair of boots, a knife, and a golden bullet. All those people that live in the cave with me? Yeah, I’m responsible for feeding them. 
Some things you should know about me: 
I’m seventeen. The world is in shambles. As far as I know, I and the others hiding out at the caves are the only sane human beings left on the face of the earth. Everyone else is a zombie. No, not a human flesh eating zombie, although that would be easier to swallow. I’ve got a little brother. I’ll give my life for him. I’m a superb knife thrower. I feel helpless. Trapped. I want to run, but I’ve got nowhere to go. 
But, I guess that I should suck it up and be happy. I could be one of those poor people high off of those government meds. Instead, I was lucky to be one of those who escaped. We’re safe here, in these woods, in these caves..hidden from view. Right? 
I received a copy of this book at no cost in exchange for my honest review.
This is a very short beginning to a new YA dystopian series. There is a lot of promise to this story. The plot and the characters are described in vivid detail so you can easily picture everything in your head as your reading. The author brings a lot of current fears into her writing, illness, shortness of resources and government control are all part of this new future world she creates. This story will keep your interest and put a chill of fear into you for the future to come. I can’t wait to see the next installment!
About the Author
Whitney Pagano is the best selling author of the Cracked Heart’s Poetry Series and The Girl Who Remained Elusive Serials. I’m 24. Single mother. Avid reader of ya sci/fi, mysteries, short stories, and poetry, and I also write in the aforementioned categories and genres.

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