Story 2 Sleep Kickstarter

This awesome sleeping bag includes removable books with exciting adventures, imaginative characters, and unpredictable turn of events.
Created by a young child who loves to read, Story 2 Sleep is a sleeping bag with a book attached! Children can take their favorite stories wherever they go! The bag with special book pocket combination makes it easy for children to enjoy a favorite bedtime adventure anywhere. Story 2 Sleep books can help develop your child’s interest in books, foster literacy skills, build the imagination, and open the window into an amazing dream world.

Story to sleep makes it easy for your children to climb into their sleeping bag with a double sided zipper
Product Description
Books attach to the sleeping bag via Velcro attached to the back of the book and the top of the sleeping bag
Attached pillow to make sleepy time more comfortable
The sleeping bag zips up on both sides, for easy accessibility to the sleeping bag for children of all ages
Product Details and Dimensions
Age range: 3-8 years old
Sleeping bag dimensions – 62″ L x 26″ W
Book size – 21″Lx25″W

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