Kidecals Review

Kidecals makes removable decals for walls and other surfaces to create a decorative, hand painted look in an instant! 
Kidecals also makes cool custom name labels that easily adheres to all your stuff and is totally washable!!
I got a code to purchase Kidecals at no cost to myself in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
My boys are pretty close in age, only 29 months apart, so they wind up sharing a lot of things. They are both pretty good about it honestly, but sometimes big brother starts to show that edge of irritation. We try to make little brother understand that sometimes big brothers get to have things just to themselves. When I got the chance to review for Kidecals I knew I would get the labels for big brother Nathan. This way if he has something that’s specifically his we can label it. Little brother understands that if it has a label he must ask before grabbing. We’ve used these on his back pack, books that are his, his play cell phone and even on a few shirts that he picked out just for him for school. These labels are great. They stick to almost anything, and don’t easily fall off with regular play use. We can wash his shirts and wipe off his phone without losing the labels. We got two different sizes so we can use them on all kinds of items. The process to select, personalize and ship these labels was very easy, and they arrived fast. If your looking to label items for school, camp, or just for sibling rivalry, this is the company and the label you need!

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