Darkrose Studios Treadwater Review

Darkrose Studios is an independent publishing company and digital studio that specializes in creating and producing original Sci Fi and Fantasy Content.
At Darkrose Studios, our sole focus is creating content that will impact and inspire fans of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres. The content seen here is 100% original, created by founder Morgan Rosenblum.
Both the genres of Sci-Fi and Fantasy carry with them an intense and dedicated fan base that know good work when they see it – these fans seek out complex and thought-provoking stories and share them with their friends.
One of those stories is Treadwater.
Treadwater (TRDWTR) is our Sci-Fi baby – In the wake of a global economic meltdown, chaos erupts and the world’s safety is jeopardized by a new wave of crime and terror. A privately funded team of hi-tech special operatives is assembled, known as TREADWATER, the only force standing between hope and anarchy.
As Germany forms its aggressive stance behind a true military German patriot, General Kirklau, it becomes more than evident that the balance of global powers is all but obsolete. Governments and worldwide organizations have their hands tied, as one wrong move by any of them could launch an all-out world war. Treadwater is the only organization taking a proactive stance to keep the world afloat, while others helplessly do just that – tread water. 
I received an advance copy of the graphic novel and their studio pitch book in exchange for this post.


Our Thoughts
My husband and my boys are huge fans of anything to do with superheros, and love graphic novels with that theme. They were ecstatic to see this package arrive. This is a new take on the theme of a global economic crisis. This is a great blend of sci fi and fantasy, with enough realism thrown in to make it a little scary. The story is engaging and keeps the action and thrills coming for the reader. The graphics are pretty amazing and draw the reader in and make the story that much more real. I would put an reader age on this at middle grade or teen, but that can vary depending on the reader. Adult fans of superheros and action graphic novels will really enjoy this new series.
Volume One of the graphic novel releases September 30, 2014 with a live action series following in early 2015!

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