Coloring Animal Mandalas Review

From the Sanskrit word for “circle,” mandalas have been used for meditation and healing for thousands of years. Coloring Animal Mandalas adds the beauty of the animal kingdom—including butterflies, tigers, swans, snakes, lions, and even dragons—into these intricate designs for page after page of coloring book bliss.
With roots in Hinduism and Buddhism, mandalas are spiritual symbols that represent the universe. Coloring these hypnotically beautiful, mystical shapes is a meditative and enjoyable way to relax. A fun way to achieve a state of mindfulness, Coloring Animal Mandalas adds fosters creativity, reduces stress, and allows you to embrace your inner child by focusing on the simple but engaging task of coloring in the detailed designs.
I received a copy of  Coloring Animal Mandalas at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

My Review
I have a pretty hectic life with my family, kids, my job and my health issues. Coloring is something I’ve always loved because it’s a very calming activity for me. The pictures in this book are so beautiful and intricate and require a lot of concentration. Sitting and working on these is a great way to help your mind relax and just do a quiet and engaging activity. As you can see I haven’t completed one yet, I get this out when I’ve had a long day and spend a bit just working on some of the designs, I love seeing how the picture comes together as I add the different colors in to the design. The designs are very fine and intricate so you will need some good quality colored pencils. My 9 year old has been helping me do some of these also and he loves the whimsical animal designs. This is a really nice book and would make a great gift or just a treat for yourself. 
Check out this awesome time lapse video of one of the designs being colored!

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