Beast Quest Book Review and Giveaway

Back to school – and back to the Quest! In a strange new land, Tavania, Wizard Malvel’s evil magic has enraged six terrifying new Beasts. Now heroic Tom is once again forced to the sword – and to the Quest to save them all! To restore harmony and bring peace to this lost world, he must face six living horrors and their terrible powers, battling for his life amid lightning-torn skies, frozen wastes and scorching desert sands! Can he prove himself a true hero yet again, and set the Beasts of Tavania free? For Ages 7+.
We received 4 of these books at no cost in paperback format in exchange for an honest review.
The Review
My son loved these books. He is 9 and loves to read. He really got into the different characters and creatures and the adventures in the books, He reads pretty quick so he got through these pretty quick and is already begging for more. These stories are full of fun and action and lots of adventure. He reads these to his younger brother who is just starting to learn to read. Books like this make my 6 year old want to learn to read faster and that thrills me. These are just the right length to engage young readers and keep them wanting to read more in the series. The full series is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

3 winners will win a random Beast Quest book!

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