TerraCycle Tablet Case Review

TerraCycle is an international leader in finding innovative uses for previously non-recyclable waste destined for landfills.
Retired United States Postal Service mail bags have been transformed into messenger bags and iPad/tablet cases. Each bag/case is individually stitched together, giving each one its own unique design. Additionally, in partnership with rural villages in Guatemala, rustic bracelets are made out of old tent material. These products are great for eco-friendly shoppers, and for those looking for something unusual to catch the eye, these products definitely stand out from the rest.
I received the TerraCycle iPad/Tablet Case at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

What was once used to protect your mail can now be used to protect your email! TerraCycle’s iPad case is made from upcycled USPS mailbags, which are weatherproof and coated inside with gentle ultrasuede to protect your iPad or tablet from any surface damage. Each case is lined with a zipper to fully enclose your tablet and outside pockets can hold chargers and cords. Each mailbag has a unique history and rustic look that are reflected in your case. Price: $55.00
My Review
I love the uniqueness of this tablet case. It has a weathered, distressed look to it that is original to any other case I’ve had. I like that it has such a great design, and it’s sturdy and soft enough to actually protect my tablet and phone too. This case has enough room to carry a larger tablet, a cell phone, and a few extras. The inside is a super soft suede material that will protect, and won’t scratch, the face of my tablet and phone. The outside is made from the material of mailbags so it holds up really well to being carried, set down wherever, weather and day to day usage. I have a Nook tablet and a large ZTE Max phone so I can’t find the cute little cases they make for most phones. I usually don’t have a pocket big enough for my phone either. I can use this case to carry my phone, keys, wallet and a few other essentials, and still have room to put my tablet in there when I need it.

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