TeleBrands As Seen on TV Review and Giveaway

Telebrands is a leading direct television marketing company and the original creator of the โ€œAs Seen On TVโ€ logo and category of trade. Each of the companyโ€™s products is designed to save consumers time and money by providing affordable, convenient solutions to everyday challenges.
We received 3 great new toy products from TeleBrands at no cost in exchange for our honest opinions.
We received a Teddy TankBall Pet and Phantom Saucer
Our Reviews
Teddy Tank-
This is a very cute and unique toy! The teddy part of it is soft to the touch and very well made. There is no shedding or hair falling out of it. The tank part is great also and holds just about anything a kid can imagine. It can be used as a fish tank, to hold action figures, cars, money, or just about anything else. My son has decided its a great gun and Boogie Wipe holder for the time being. He has this sitting on his bed and shows everyone who comes over his cool Lion. He wants to eventually do the fish tank with it, but for now he’s too busy finding small toys that fit in it. The lion part of this comes off and goes back on really easy. You can also record and play a personal message. There are 2 buttons, 1 on each ear. He has been playing with this constantly and absolutely loves it!
Ball Pet-
As you can see, my 9 year old loves this Ball Pet. He gets the biggest kick out of opening and closing it. Him and his brother and friend play with this constantly, tossing it as a ball and then opening it and playing with it as a stuffed animal. It’s easy for him to open and close, which is great because he does have some fine motor issues he deals with. This is made to be played with a lot, no shedding and the eyes aren’t loose like some other toys he’s gotten. It rolls up small enough that it can go in a bag when we go out and when he wants it he can just open it, and then folds right back up and goes back away when he’s done. He gives the Ball Pet a big 5/5!


 Phantom Saucer-

My husband and boys love anything that has to do with space or magic. This Phantom Saucer encompasses both. They were so excited to see what this did and how it works. Now I won’t reveal any spoilers because that just ruins the fun. I will tell you that it is simple to use, and it’s pretty impressive when you see it. The boys were super excited to have their friend come over and show it to him. It was easy for my husband to use and the boys had a blast.


Here’s a video showing how it looks..

Now for the best part…

Giveaway Time!!!

TeleBrands is offering my readers a giveaway!! 3 winners, 1 for each item!

*product will be 1 of these 3 items but I can’t promise a specific one to each winner*

Enter Below!

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  1. All of them but my daughter would definitely LOVE the Ball Pet. I am pretty sure my husband would really like the Phantom Saucer.

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