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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Scotch Duct Tape Back to School Contest

Scotch Duct Tape is hosting a Back-to-School contest that asks teens to create an original back-to-school craft with duct tape and submit a photo that shows how they’re going back to school in style for a chance to win $1,000. The Tape On Back-to-School contest lasts until August 18th on the Scotch Facebook page.

Teen Vlogger, Sarai Jones, will be judging the contest and has a created a fun video with locker decorations for inspiration. The contest will include prizes for the top four winners with first place receiving $1000, second place receiving $500 and third and fourth place receiving $250.

To promote this contest Scotch Duct Tape sent me some samples to do a craft with my boys!

We got the Batman, Superman, Snakeskin and the Red White and Blue Stars.

My boys can be hard to pin down when it comes to indoor activities, they are both ADHD so we have to catch them at good times and make sure we really hold their attention. They decided they would do the craft if it was for something that they could then do outside, so we compromised. They found an online tutorial to make duct tape sail boats.

(My husband didn't save the specific link he used, but you can find several different variations of this along with many more ideas on Pinterest)

My boys had a lot of fun doing this and they love the different designs on the duct tape. They want to decorate their pencil boxes and backpacks too.

Make sure to get your entries in to the contest!

Here is the link again!

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