Outer Spice Review

Outer Spice Low Salt and No Salt seasoning blends are made from the finest, quality ingredients that we hand select ourselves from around the world. Our products are all-natural, Gluten-free, rich in anti-oxidants and have no MSG. These four highly versatile, well balanced spice mixes will transform and improve the taste of every dish. Find your favorite, use as-is, or add to it and make it your own.
Outer Spice no-salt and low salt seasonings solutions are made from 15 of the purest, finest quality herbs and spices available on the planet. It virtually replaces every spice in the kitchen.
I received 2 of the Outer Spice flavors at no cost in exchange for my honest review.
I received the Original and the Spicy No Salt
Our Review
We like to think of ourselves as novice foodies, and we love to get new things to try. My husband has slightly high blood pressure so we are always looking for new ways to season things without a high sodium content. We got these Outer Spice seasonings to try and we love them. They offer a lot of flavor with a small amount, and add taste to almost anything you can think of. We have used the Original on chicken, potatoes, french fries, and have added it to a soup we made. My husband likes to use the Spicy on his food, he says he loves the flavor and the bite. This is so much better than plain salt and pepper. My boys like it to and don’t complain like they do sometimes about salt, they like to whine about not enough or too much when we cook or season with salt and pepper. Outer Spice is a great low/no sodium alternative to salt and pepper. Check them out at the links below!

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