Everyday Kitchen Nut Milk Bag Review

Discover the Premium Nylon Nut Milk Bag that can be used over and over — and will produce nut milk to die for!
I received a Nut Milk Bag at no cost in exchange for my honest review.
This is a great mesh bag with so many different uses. It cleans easily and doesn’t stain. We have only used it a few times but I know this will come in handy for so many things. We have used this to strain pulp from orange juice for my youngest. My husband and 9 year old like the pulp and me and my 6 year old do not. Orange juice can be quite expensive so we buy the kind with pulp and then strain it for me and my little. This was very easy to use and didn’t create a big mess to clean up. The bag didn’t stain from the juice, and dried quickly with no remaining dampness or moldy smell. This is a great product and I recommend it for anyone looking to get into juicing and eating and drinking healthier. There are endless uses!

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