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We love everything about decorating a home, from dreaming up big ideas to choosing the finishing touches. It’s exhilarating! And we’re thrilled to share the experience with you. This is what drives us to curate new collections every day, filled with beautiful hand-picked items from around the world. We like products that tell great stories, and we put them together in inventive ways to inspire and entertain you. Because shopping for your home should never feel like a chore.
I received a product from Dot&Bo at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion.

My Review
I love finding sites like Dot&Bo. I like to decorate my house with useful, unique and cute items. This 3 Flip Hook fits my criteria perfectly. It’s cute, unobtrusive and very useful. We can hang our keys, my work badge, the boys small umbrellas and many other items on this so everything is handy when we need it. There are so many different uses for this. This is a solid wood piece, and the hooks are sturdy. This could be used for jackets, hats and so much more. The colors are cute and bright and the light colored wood matches almost everything. We have this on the wall where our front door is so as soon as we walk in we can hang our keys and stuff and not lose them. This would work great in a kids bedroom also. This is a very versatile decorative item. Check out Dot&Bo and see all the amazing items they have to offer!

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