Dinosaur World Review

Conveniently located between Orlando and Tampa, Dinosaur World in Plant City, Florida is Central Florida’s only attraction dedicated to the giants of years past.
With over 20-acres to explore, you will find yourself wandering amongst some of the most feared predators ever to walk the planet. Dinosaur World offers a unique, natural setting featuring a lush garden setting and paved walkways where you will encounter a wide variety of dinosaurs representing many diverse and unusual species.
My family received 4 tickets to Dinosaur World at no cost in exchange for our honest review.
Myself and my husband received regular admission and my 2 boys received Excavation Passes. The Excavation Passes included their admission, fish food, Fossil Dig ticket, and the Lucky Strike bag at the Dino Gem Excavation.
We went on a Saturday and made sure we got there nice and early, before the crowds and before the day got too hot to be outside. We were greeted in the store where you enter and got our passes with no issues. We were given a map and the person at the counter explained the different attractions like the Fossil Dig and Lucky Strike Gem Excavation. We were given arm bands and we were on our way.
We went into the museum first. There are so many interesting and neat artifacts to see. The boys had a lot of fun looking at the different bones, teeth, tusks and more. They also have 2 displays of animatronic dinosaurs. I couldn’t get better pictures of those though, unfortunately both boys were too afraid to walk by them because they were quite loud.
After that we took them to do the Fossil Dig and the Gem Excavation. for the Fossil Dig the boys got to keep their 3 favorite fossils. For the Gem Excavation they got to keep the gemstones they found in their sifters.
After that we followed the Dino Trail and visited the Mammoths and the Bone Yard. The life size statues of the different dinosaurs are amazing. They are life size, painted in brilliant colors and every statue has a plaque that gives the name and some information about them.
We all enjoyed our day out and had a lot of fun. The boys can’t stop talking about it and want to go back again. It was definitely worth the drive out there. 
You can find out all about Dinosaur World at the links below! There are locations in Plant City FL, Cave City KY, and Glen Rose TX.

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