Virgin Vapor Review

We have one goal: to make the highest quality, organically flavored e-liquid available. We offer an extensive line of USDA certified organically flavored e-liquids in a variety of tantalizing flavors. From Best Damn Tobacco to White Cherry Crush we are constantly adding new flavors and expanding our line.
Recognizing that many people have allergic reactions or experience irritation for propylene glycol, we offer you a choice. 
Our vegetable glycerin based e-liquids are 100% propylene glycol free. Some companies sell vegetable glycerin based e-liquids, but use flavorings that contain propylene glycol. At Virgin Vapor it is important to us to bring you a truly propylene glycol free e-liquid. We also offer VG/PG mixes for customers who prefer a propylene glycol base.
I received 6 different flavors of e-liquid from Virgin Vapor at no cost in exchange for our honest review.
I selected the 100% VG and 12 mg Nicotine level for our e-liquids. We got:
Organic Pina Colada
Organic Blue Violet
Organic Strawberry Granita
Organic Razzmatazz
Organic French Vanilla
Organic Buttercream Mint
Our Review
Myself and my husband have recently decided that we would like to try to quit, or at the very least cut back, smoking. The price of packs of cigarettes is getting ridiculous where we live. We have to go outside to smoke, and I hate smelling like smoke at work. Our kids have been bugging us to stop smoking too. It’s not an easy task that’s for sure. We decided to switch over to E Ciggs to see if that would help the transition. We were able to find some nice vapor pen ECigs for a decent price, and then I set about finding some good flavored liquids. I came across Virgin Vapors and they were kind enough to send us a selection for review. We chose the vegetable glycerin based liquid and went with 12 mg nicotine level. These liquids come in nice glass bottles with easy to use droppers to fill our cartomizer tanks. We got 6 different varieties to try. My husband loves coconut so he’s been using the Pina Colada, and I’ve been using the Strawberry Granita. These liquids have really great flavor. The flavor comes through nice and strong so you actually get to taste it. The nicotine is a step down from the cigarettes my husband has been using. The 12 mg still provides him the hit he needs though. He has not bought a regular pack of cigarettes in almost a month, since we’ve been using the vapor pens. These are very affordable also. How long the liquid will last you will depend on how much you are used to smoking regularly. My husband is a moderate smoker, while I smoke quite a bit less than him. This supply will last us quite awhile.
Virgin Vapor has a huge selection of flavors to choose from, and they are always adding new ones. They offer 5 levels of nicotine, from 24 mg to 0 nicotine. They also offer 2 different size bottles, 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce. You can get everything you need to make the switch from Virgin Vapors, from your e cigarette to your batteries, cartomizers and the flavored e liquid. We are both very happy with the selection we received and we will definitely order from Virgin Vapor again!

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