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Monday, July 28, 2014

Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones Review

The best-selling Tummy Stuffers collection features furry plush pals that double as the cleverest and cuddliest clean-up containers a kid could ever love! Terrific for helping children of all ages keep their bedrooms, playrooms and even camp bunks neat and tidy, Tummy Stuffers’ mouths open wide to keep kids’ things inside – and they “eat” everything right before their eyes! The brand-new Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones line-up features six fun and funky styles, including a spotted Dalmatian and Blue Leopard, polka-dotted Bunny and Giraffe, purple and pink striped Cat, and awesome argyle Monkey! Kids and tweens can store it all in the new Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones, from clothing and toys, to blankets, books and much more!

I received a Tummy Stuffer from the Wild Ones Collection for my son at no cost in exchange for our honest review.

The Review

My 6 year old still loves stuffed animals. I love to find him new and unique ones to add to his collection. He was so excited to get this Tummy Stuffer! It's a stuffed animal that he can put other stuffed animals in. He is literally in stuffy heaven. He has been taking this with him everywhere now. He puts his Nintendo DS, his action figures, and usually at least 1 other smaller stuffy in this when we go out for the day. There is quite a bit of room in the dog's belly. He also loves the dog itself as a stuffed animal without anything in the belly. The Tummy Stuffer is super soft and squishes and squeezes perfectly for his needs. I like this Tummy Stuffer because he can put some of his smaller stuffys in it and I can set it on his bed. It saves some space on his bed that is usually covered with small stuffed animals. He loves this product and I think it's adorable. We give it a 5/5!

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