Spoonk Review

The Spoonk™ Acupressure Massage Mat may ease your muscle tension, improve blood circulation, reduce back, neck, hip, and joint pain. Simply by laying on the mat for 35-45minutes you will experience your tension and stress melt away. In the process endorphin, happy hormone is released.
I received a Spoonk Acupressure Massage Mat at no cost in exchange for my honest review
The Spoonk™ Acupressure Massage Mat is Eco friendly product. It consists of a 100% cerified organic hemp or 100% cotton cover, recyclable non-toxic ABS plastic stimulation points, and ECO foam created with Variable Pressure Foaming™ technology free from toxic checmicals and made in USA.
Spoonk fabric has GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) which recognizes them as a company that meets a high level of environmental criteria for organic textiles and requires them to be in compliance with social responsibility. Spoonk eco-mats contain no synthetic AZO dyes which can cause skin hypersensitivity and allergies.
My Review
I have chronic back pain that makes daily activities pretty unbearable some days. I’ve tried all kinds of medications and therapies like heat, cold, exercise, ultra sound and tens units and injections. Some things help and some don’t, nothing will ever take it completely away. I am always looking for new ways to find even minimal relief for awhile. I came across the Spoonk Mat and they were kind enough to send me one to review. I have been told acupressure can help but have never had to opportunity to try it.
I was anxious to try this and see what would happen. I tried at night before I was getting ready for bed. It is uncomfortable when you first lay on it. If you can tolerate that for the first 5-10 minutes then it starts to feel better and you start to feel some relief. I felt more relaxed after about 40 minutes and my back and body felt less tight and tense. I felt like I was able to get comfortable to sleep a little easier and didn’t toss and turn quite so much. This mat can also be used in the morning to revitalize and get you going for the day.
If you are looking for some energy or for some relaxation and tension relief you should give Spoonk a try!

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