Pure Health Naturally Superfruit Juices Review and Giveaway

Pure Health Naturally provides food-based supplements from around the world. All our supplements are free of binders, fillers and other things you don’t need or want. We also offer great, low prices.
I received Pure Health’s newest Superfruit Juices at no cost in exchange for my honest review
Acai Blueberry: Enjoy the Brazilian beauty berry! Acai Blueberry blends the rich flavor of the exotic Amazonian acai berry with the bold, delicious taste of blueberries and a burst of sweetness from grapes and pineapple. 
Pome Berries: Savor the flavor of pomegranate superfruit! Pome Berries blends the lush, hearty flavor of pomegranates with the tantalizing, delicious taste of mixed berries and a tasty, bright burst of grapes and pineapple. 
Goji Cranberry: Meet the happy berry! Goji Cranberry blends the sweet tangy flavor of the Asian goji berry with the sharp, tart taste of cranberry and a burst of grape and pineapple.
Our Review
Our family tends to drink a lot of soda and sugary juice drinks. My boys especially like drinks like Capri Sun and Kool Aide. Trying to get them to eat or drink anything healthy is a struggle. I have a few health problems myself and I struggle with eating healthy and getting daily vitamins that my body needs. i have a full time job, take care of my family and run this blog. I tend to reach for sodas like Mountain Dew and energy drinks to keep myself going. I was happy to get these juice to try! Now, by no means have I stopped drinking my coffee, tea and soda lol. However, these are a really great tasting and healthy, vitamin packed alternative to other sweet drinks we usually reach for. These juices are light and sweet and we all enjoy them a lot, even my very finicky picky boys. My 6 year old loves the Blueberry and the Cranberry and I like the Pome Berries one. These are available at Walmart so you can find them easily whenever you need more. Check them out at the links below and enter to win these 3 juices!

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