Peas and Hambone Versus Flesh Eating Zombie Gorillas Review

Peas is an ordinary ten-year-old boy… who just happens to have a dog that can walk and talk like a person as long as no one else is around!
On one of their frequent trips to the zoo, Peas and his dog, Hambone, spy the Evil Doctor Crazy Gorilla feeding a mysterious potion to all the gorillas who instantly transform into disgusting flesh-eating zombies!
Peas and Hambone must put their heads together in order to find an antidote to the zombie outbreak. Otherwise, Evil Doctor Crazy Gorilla will use his army of gorilla zombies to take over the world.
As they take to the streets to fight the hordes, Peas and Hambone come to a terrifying conclusion: The zombie gorillas can regenerate! Will they come up with a solution before it’s too late?
Our Review
A boy, his talking and walking upright dog, and flesh eating gorillas, what more could you ask for in a middle age zombie book? This was a great short book for me and my son to read together. The story is fast paced, funny and gross. My 9 year old son loves it! It’s kept to the main details and doesn’t bog down in tiny details that would bore him. The main character is only a year older than my son, so my son really connects with the character and the story. It’s funny enough to keep me interested and entertained while we read together. This really is a perfect summer read for kids are into the zombie craze and like to laugh!
About the Author
Todd Nichols earned his bachelor’s degree in cardiopulmonary science in 1993 from Northeastern University, where he also later received his master’s degree in education. The only thing Nichols is more passionate about than his job as an elementary school teacher is writing, a hobby that led him to publish his debut children’s novel, Peas and Hambone Versus Flesh-Eating Zombie Gorillas. Nichols currently lives in Massachusetts with his wife, five-year-old twins, and cat, Pokey.

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