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Monday, July 14, 2014

Olactif Review

Olfactif is a first-of-its kind monthly perfume subscription service. And we're absolutely crazy about scent.

Around the first of each month, we send subscribers a curated collection of three niche perfume samples from artists around the world. Our samples aren't those tiny vials you get at the department store; we give you 2.25 ml of each scent in a glass spray vial, and each vial has enough for 15 - 20 wearings.

That's not all—we also give you an $18 credit to put toward a full bottle of a featured scent, every month. We also indulge your curiosity about scent with great content about the featured artists and their stories, plus lots of fascinating info on the science of smell.

What is niche perfume?

Niche perfume is hard to find, unless you happen to live in New York or Paris. Unlike the companies that make mainstream scents, the people who make niche perfume aren't obsessed with conforming to trends and mimicking last year's best seller. They value creativity and originality, and they make things you'd never smell on department store counters. And with their contrasts and complexities, they just make the act of smelling a lot more fun. And isn't that why we're here in the first place? 

I received the Wedding Collection at no cost in exchange for my honest review

    The Olfactif Wedding Collection features three 2.25 ml samples in an elegant gift box. Add a satin gift ribbon in the bride's wedding color for an extra-special detail.

My Review

I have a very few perfumes and body sprays that I like and use regularly. I have a hard time picking out scents that I think I will like and that will smell nice once I put them on. Even if I try them in the store they don't always seem the same when I come home. I was very excited to get to try this subscription box from Olactif. The box it comes in is very small, but the black box inside is beautiful. I love how it slides open. The vials look kind of small but each one has at least 15-20 uses. For someone like me who doesn't wear perfumes very often that lasts a long time. These are glass vials, not the cheap little plastic ones that tend to sometimes fall apart if you squeeze too hard. 

This collection is geared towards special occasions like a wedding, but they can be used any time really. The three scents I received are very feminine. The favorite of the box is Perfect Veil. I really fell in love with that one. It has a low key sweet scent that works for going out in the evening, or just wearing it to work. The other two perfumes are a little stronger in scent and a little more floral based, but they are still really nice scents. You only need to use 1-2 sprays at most of these perfumes and the scent lasts all day. 

I am thrilled I got to review this box and I loved the selection I received. The value of this box at $18 is very budget friendly, and really lets you get a good feel for which scents you like before you buy a full size bottle. If you do decide to purchase a full size bottle from the website, the $18 for this monthly box is put toward the price of the bottle you buy.  So this is really an amazing value and there's no excuse not to give it a try!

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