Ogden Made Pouch Review

Awesome products designed and sewn in Ogden, Utah.
Like the rich tradition of Junction City, Ogden Made products are created with materials designed to endure the test of time. As the heavy arms of time wear against our products a richer character is built. Only the highest quality and proven materials are used; there’s no skimping, or thinking “if we only went cheaper here or there…” These materials say something about who we are. Yet, we are never content, always forging ahead looking for something better. You won’t find Ogden Made cluttering the shelves of the big box stores with the cheap, imported crap. Each of our products is handcrafted with passion right here in Ogden, Utah with a signature to back it up.
I received 4 Ogden Made Pouches at no cost in exchange for my honest review
I got the

My Review

I have a need for all sizes of pouches and bags in my life. I have to have one for so many different things. I use one for some basic essentials at my desk at work like tissue, hand sanitizer and money or debit card for water and sodas. I have several in my purses for Boogie Wipes, tissues, pill holders, and chap stick. My boys use small pouches for their tissue, matchbox cars, their change for snacks and bigger ones for their Nintendo DS and PS3. I literally can not have too many pouches. Every time I think I have my organization of things down pat, something else comes along that has to go with us somewhere. These Ogden Made Pouches are a perfect fit for our lifestyle. They are all different sizes so I have uses for all of them, and they are very sturdy and hold up well against even my very rough boys. They throw them, sit on them, step on them in the car, and the pouches remain intact and useful. I like the different colors because we can separate things and know which ones belong to who. The small pouches have quite a bit of room in them and the bigger ones have a lot of room. I’m very pleased with these pouches and I would buy from Ogden Made again! I have my eyes on some of their Totes and Messenger Bags!

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