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The Two Main Massage Therapies Offered at Businesses
Massage businesses in major cities, like massage downtown Calgary, offer numerous techniques to help the body’s muscular-skeletal system. In general, there are two types of major massages: relaxation massage and therapeutic massage. 
Relaxation massage is defined by the massage therapist using soft strokes and presses to ease the pain from swollen muscles and increase blood circulation. These type of massages are great for customers who have chronic pain issues. The massages, often combined with oils and other skin cremes, help to soothe muscles and alleviate the customer’s physical, emotional and mental stress. There are other techniques with a relaxation massage, including using hot stones, which are water-heated rocks, to increase heat relief upon skin tissue. Massage therapists can also use scents and scented candles to supplement the massage with aromatherapy. 
The second major school of massage is therapeutic massage. Therapeutic massage is defined by very deep presses and slow movements of the hand. This allows the massage therapist to add pressure and heat to deep layers of tissue in the customer’s body. This not only relieves some pain, but it can press apart scar tissue and blood to decrease inflammation. Due to the intensity of the massages, massage therapists typically utilize these techniques for customers with chronic problems, athletes or those with a muscular-skeletal injury. 
Whichever type of massage works best for your needs, make sure you head to business that offers both types of massage therapies. Businesses like Mantra Wellness massage therapy and several others provide both types of massage techniques. Customers need to research carefully what massage business offer in terms of their services.

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