Crown & Caliber Review

Welcome to Crown & Caliber – the nation’s preferred way to sell high-end luxury timepieces. We offer a way for customers to get the most for their watch.

We realize that a watch is unlike any other piece of jewelry you own. A watch typically is given by a special person or to commemorate a special occasion. Therefore we respect what your watch represents and will endeavor to provide you with the trust and ease that such a timepiece deserves. 
Crown & Caliber is a new way to consign or sell luxury watches. You no longer have to go to the pawn shop, or try to sell face to face with website ads, and worry you are not getting what you jewelry is really worth.
The process is very easy and simple.
*The customer submits the info on their watch through a form on Crown & Caliber’s site

[This quote request also includes a comprehensive phone call with an expert horologist who will work to get all the details needed to provide the most accurate assessment]

*Then within a day or two the customer receives two quotes 1) a cash offer and 2) a consignment offer

*Regardless of the option chosen, C&C sends the customer pre-paid/insured packaging materials to ship their watch. 

*C&C receives the customer’s watch and then it is verified and authenticated. 

[If the consignment option is chosen, the C&C team then cleans, services (if needed), photographs, and lists your watch for sale, to thousands of interested buyers]

*Then the watch is sold and payment is provided, or, the original cash offer is provided, depending on which the customer chose. 
Crown & Caliber handles many brands of luxury watches such as Rolex, Cartier, Christian Dior, Montblanc and Louis Vuitton. While i was perusing the site I came across this beautiful Rolex Datejust 116200.
Some of the watches have their original boxes and papers and some do not. If for any reason you are unhappy with the watch you purchase you can return the watch within 14 days for a small 10% restocking fee.

Crown & Caliber is a whole new way to get the most value in cash or consignment for you luxury watches.

Crown & Caliber also has a great cause. They give back for every watch you sell to them.
Sell Your Watch for Substantially More

Every watch we buy from you will help to provide medical treatment for 12 children.

A watch is unlike any other item we own. A watch measures the most important thing we all have: time. However, not everyone has time. Each year, thousands of children in third world countries needlessly die due to sickness that can easily be avoided with the proper treatment.

Therefore, with each watch you sell to us, not only will we provide you with significant cash compensation – we will also strive to buy time for 12 children by providing them with essential medical treatments through our global partnerships with medical organizations.

You can see more about their processes and how they work at the links below.

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