CedarLane Natural Foods Review

For more than 30 years, CedarLane Natural Foods has created a wide variety of wholesome, delicious, convenient food made from only the best ingredients. Whether you are sitting down for dinner, running out the door in the morning, or eating lunch at work between meetings—there’s a simple-to-prepare and absolutely enjoyable CedarLane product that’s right for you.
I received samples of their new all-natural gluten-free line of frozen tamales to review in exchange for our honest opinion
These are a fusion of international flavors and authentic corn masa—all hand-wrapped in delicate corn husks. So easy and convenient, they’re great for both meals and snacks—and they’re gluten-free!
Our Review
I love finding new and yummy healthy foods for my family. We love to try new things, and we have only tried Tamales once before. My husband and boys were excited to try these and so was I. These were really delicious. The only ones my boys wouldn’t eat were the spinach and feta cheese ones. I loved the sweet corn and my husband really liked the chile and cheese. These are easy to cook and have a lot of great flavor, they are not bland at all. We aren’t on any strict diet restrictions here but I tend to chose gluten free foods when I can because they are healthier and better for our bodies. These are perfect for a dinner or for just a quick snack. The ingredients combine perfectly together in each combination. If you are looking for a great quick dinner or snack these are for you!

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