and City Creek Candles Review and Giveaway

Our innovative line of patented candle warming products provide a safe, clean and healthy alternative to enjoying scented candles in the home.
We draw inspiration from our deep love of home, diversity, beauty, and simplicity. These elements combined with our passion of fine fragrances are the foundation of our City Creek Candles™ line.
Our candles and wax melts are made with the finest fragrances, wax, and wicks and are poured in the USA.
I received products from both companies at no cost in exchange for my honest review
I received the following items

Our Review
I love candles. I have never used wax melts before but I had heard a lot about them. I was very excited when and City Creek Candles wanted to have me review their products for them. We live in Florida close to the beach so I picked out a candle and wax melt that had scents with a beach feel. I have always been one to burn my candles. I’ve never used a warmer before. I always thought you had to burn them to get the great scent. Boy was I wrong.
I love the two different warmers that they sent. They are beautiful and fit in my household decor (what there is of it) perfectly. I love the old fashioned feel of the hurricane lamp warmer. The vase warmer is a very nice neutral color and has a simple but elegant design. They are both very well made so will last for years, and the bulbs are easily replaced. I have two boys who can be quite rowdy, so the burners are much safer for our household then burning the candles. If they were to knock these over the worst thing we would have to deal with is some spilled wax.
The candle and wax melt scents are amazing and strong and fill my whole house with beach smells. The candle and wax melts last so much longer when used in a warmer versus burning. When I turn the warmer off my candle looks brand new. The wax from the wax melts will eventually start to evaporate some, but you can have one or two in the warmer for quite awhile before that happens.
I am very happy with these items and doubt I will ever burn a candle again. The company has offered my readers the chance to get to try these for yourself!! Enter below!

You can win the same 2 warmers I got and your choice of scents for the candle and wax!

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