240Sweet Review and Giveaway

Partners Alexa Lemley and Samantha Aulick hand-craft artisan treats in Columbus, Indiana. Originally, we made marshmallows to give to our catering customers. Soon, people begin clamoring for more puffs. 240sweet was born.
I received 3 different flavors from 240Sweet to try at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion.
I received Strawberry Black Pepper, Chocolate Chip Cookie and Sangria Marshmallows.

July is a busy month for 240Sweet. Every year they do a Christmas in July fundraiser to make improvements to their operations. You invest in them this month by purchasing vouchers in varying increments. In November and December, those vouchers are worth double the amount that you “loan” to them. They use your investment to grow. It is like Christmas for them–and you save on wonderful, handmade gifts for your clients, family, and friends.
What’s next? Later this year, we hope to unveil new packaging and some other great things. We estimate that the bags will require a $7000 investment to design and make. We’ll still use only Made in America packaging. As that is a lot of money for our small company, we have to wait until you support us with Christmas in July. Check out what we did with last year’s investments. We appreciate your help in our growth.
July is also the month that they do Puff Fest! Click the link to get the low down on all the fun!
Now on to the review and giveaway!
Our Review
I am a sweets and candy junkie and one of my favorite foods is marshmallows. I love them by themselves, on S’mores, in hot chocolate, in rice krispie treats and any other way I can get them. When I got this box of amazing marshmallow goodness I had to open and try them immediately. These marshmallows are absolutely out of this world good! They are made to perfection. The flavors are a perfect balance with the flavor of the marshmallow itself, so it’s not too strong, and not too light. You taste the marshmallow and just enough of the extra flavor to make it just so good!
They not only taste amazing but as soon as you open the bags you can smell the aroma of the different flavors. These are a perfect after dinner sweet snack. One is the perfect serving. These are not marshmallows that you will sit and stuff your face with all in one sitting. They are a bit rich because of the different flavor combinations. My husband really liked the Strawberry Black Pepper and my kids went crazy for the Chocolate Chip Cookie ones. I loved the combination of the chocolate chips with the marshmallow. The Sangria was really good also, the perfect amount of flavor and sweetness without being overpowering.
We all enjoyed these treats immensely and will be buying more soon!! Check them out and enter to win a code to get some of your own!
Win a code good for $20.00 on 240Sweet.com!
*shipping is always included*
  1. This is my second year to support Christmas in July but I have ordered from 240Sweet for 3 or 4 years. Favorite flavor is salted caramel or bananas foster. So amazing. Love them straight up or melted in between 2 pizzelle's.

  2. I absolutely love marshmallows! Once i start eating them I couldn't stop. I love eating them as is and sometimes melting them to make some yummy smores! 🙂

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