Uncle Milton’s Wild Walls and Transforming Hulk Review

Founded in 1946, Uncle Milton creates, produces and markets proprietary and licensed toys that inspire imagination and learning while encouraging kids to explore and discover their world.
I received 2 toys from Uncle Milton’s at no cost in exchange for our honest review
We got the Star Command Space Mission from the Wild Walls Collection
We also got the Transforming Hulk from the Marvel Science Collection

Our Review
I love this brand! Uncle Milton has some of the coolest and funnest toys! My boys have their own room they share so I let them pick out which 2 items they wanted. My 6 year old chose the Star Command Wild Walls and my 9 year old chose the Transforming Hulk.
The Star Command Wild Walls is a very fun item for them for their room. They have other wall decals but this one is light and sound interactive and they get a big kick out of that! They have loved Toy Story from the very beginning and still watch it constantly. The sound and light box attaches to the wall under the wall decals. You set up the decals however you like, and then when you want a show you just hit the button and sit back and watch the fun. My youngest was recently really sick and had to do breathing treatments around the clock. We set up the machine by his bed and he would do his treatment and watch the Wild Walls. It worked out perfectly and distracted him well. It’s a great night light too when they are laying down to go to sleep at night. I would definitely like to get one or two more for them as they have plenty of room in their room on their walls.
The Transforming Hulk was a great science toy! The boys had such a blast setting it up, putting the water in it and then waiting for Hulk to break out. It took 3 days for the Hulk to finally fully break out. The boys would check him every morning before they went to school and then would check him before bed too. It was very fun for them to watch the progress and they were so excited when it was done! The Hulk came with a poster with all kinds of neat facts and info and my 9 year just loves that. He loves comic books, so this was the perfect little surprise for his birthday!
We are very happy and very impressed with these 2 toys and we would most definitely buy Uncle Milton toys again!

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