The Mystery of Moutai Review

A teenager returns home from school to find a gruesome scene: the apartment he shares with his mother, Shao Mei, in Boston’s Chinatown has been ransacked and she is dead. There is a bottle of Moutai—the most exotic and expensive Chinese liquor—left at the scene and traces of rat poison in one of the two shot glasses on the kitchen counter. This was evidently a homicide, but who could possibly be the killer?
Ann Lee and Fang Chen, close friends of the victim, team up with the Boston police to solve this mystifying crime: why would anyone want to murder a harmless middle-aged woman, one who worked as an unassuming mailroom clerk, with no money, no connections, and presumably, no enemies?
Realizing that important clues behind the motive may be buried deep in the victim’s past, they travel to Beijing, where Shao Mei spent more than fifty years of her life. While there, surrounded by the antiquities of China’s rich and complex history, they stumble unwittingly into a cobweb of mystery and danger. Fearing for their lives but determined to press on, they end up unearthing a scandal more deceptive and far-reaching than either could have imagined.
I had the pleasure of receiving a paperback copy of this book to read. This will be a wonderful addition to my collection of mystery and suspense books. This amazing story grabs you from the first page and takes you on a ride that you will never forget. The book is set in Boston and in Beijing. This is an exceptional story and the characters are amazingly well developed and the settings are described in great detail. You get to feel like you are there experiencing what the characters do. I was guessing throughout the whole book and it kept me in suspense until the very end. The historical references and details about the food and social scenes were very interesting also. This is a great cultural murder mystery. I give it a 5/5!
About the Author
G.X. Chen is a freelancer who lives in Boston ( both of her mystery novels are based in Boston); permanently moved from China to the US after Tiananmen Massacre in 1989. Previously published books include The Mystery of Revenge (a mystery novel) and Forget Me Not: A Love Story of the East(a historic fiction/romance) and several other novels in Chinese. To learn more, go to her Twitter, Website, and Goodreads.

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