The Bouqs Co. Review offers super-fresh, premium flowers: Typically, flowers bought in retail or from many online stores are already 2-weeks-dead by the time you buy them. The seller, of course, gives you the oldest stems they have. At The Bouqs Company, we cut the flowers when they’re ordered and not a day sooner, and they’re shipped straight from our farms in South America, 10,000 feet above sea level, on an active volcano. Seriously. And they ship in classic, premium packaging, and not some cheesy box from 1-866-Professional-Florists. This is a box designed to make the recipient feel special and loved.
I got to pick out a Bouq at no cost in exchange for my honest review
The Bouqs come boxed and wrapped up really tight so they are fresh when they arrive
I chose the Desperado Bouq
Desperado is a beautiful combination of Pink Roses with Purple Dianthus or similar accent flowers.
*website picture-hubby opened and put mine in water while I was at work so I didn’t get to do step by step pics

My Review
I love flowers and I love the color pink. I was excited when I got asked to review a Bouq of my choice. This Desperado Bouq caught my eye immediately and I knew it was the one I wanted. I was a little skeptical about how fresh they would be when they arrived, I have never ordered flowers that weren’t local before. This Bouq came in a really small box for the amount of flowers that were in there, they were wrapped really well, and traveled really well. My husband was home when they came and wanted to surprise me when I came home. He unboxed them and found a container, he followed the directions and cut the stems and added the plant food to the water. I came home to this gorgeous bouquet on my coffee table. It took about 12 hours or so for the Roses to start opening. They have an amazing scent that makes my whole living room smell great. We’ve had these for about 10 days at the time I’m writing this. They have lasted really well and are just now, yesterday and today, starting to look like they are dying. We’re not known to have the greenest thumbs though, so I’m sure there are ways to have them last longer.
I was very impressed with The Bouqs Co. overall. The service was easy and fast, shipment was right on time, and the flowers were shipped in a way that they arrived perfect and lasted quite a while. I have family and friends spread out across the US and I will definitely be using The Bouqs Co in the future for special days!

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