The Bobcat Mountain Murders Review

The Bobcat Mountain Murders follows the career of one Hamilton Smith, independent management consultant, Bon Vivant and amateur sleuth, into a trial relocation to an upscale retirement community in western Colorado. Here he is befriended by the vitriolic editor of the local weekly “four pager” and begins an admittedly hesitant search for someone to take the place of his recently deceased wife of thirty-nine years. Having been an active participant in the solution of an “executive suite” murder (Pride Dies in the End), our hero is less than disappointed when the little community is confronted with a series of pre-announced and crudely executed killings of certain controversial and coincidentally unmarried neighbors. Initial distractions include a homeless, “disturbed” youth who performs odd jobs within the gates of Bobcat Mountain, ongoing negotiations between the owning corporation and a gas well exploration company as well as distinct religious connotations in the choice of victims. As events develop, Smith’s painfully deliberate romance with another newcomer is plagued by the dawning realization that she is not what she professes to be and is in fact, a viable candidate for consideration as the mystery killer!
From the time I first started reading I have always loved the traditional murder mystery. My favorite books were the likes of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys when I was young. I really enjoyed this book because it was a true murder mystery that kept me guessing throughout. There was plenty of mystery along with some humor that really added to the entertainment value of this story. Every character added something to the flow of the mystery and made it that much better. Hamilton Smith is a very well rounded character and a really great amateur sleuth who you will like and connect with immediately. The settings are described in detail that allowed me to picture clearly where the characters were and what was going on. If you are a mystery and suspense buff like me you should definitely check this book out!
About the Author
J. R. Canfield was born and raised in northern New Jersey and graduated from New York University (NYU). His interest in fiction writing was awakened when he won a nationwide short story contest in 9th grade. After graduating from NYU, Canfield spent his working career in railroad operations serving as trainmaster for his beloved DL&W R.R. (RIP Oct. 17, 1960), superintendent, general superintendent and director of operations for several rail carriers. Since retirement, Canfield has authored seven books of rail photography for Morning Sun Books, Inc. “The Bobcat Mountain Murders: A Hamilton Smith Mystery” is his second mystery fiction, released October 2013. It is available in paperback ($12.95) and also available in a Kindle edition ($5.99).

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