Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond DVD Review

Just when the evil Dr. Blakk has been defeated and it seems like Eli Shane’s duties as protector of Slugterra are getting easier, a new danger emerges from beyond the 99 caverns. Eli and the Shane Gang rush to the rescue, but nothing can prepare them for what they encounter: a slug that can do something no one in Slugterra has ever seen — or heard — a slug do before! Traditional slugslinging no longer applies. Eli will have to engage in a very different kind of duel to save Slugterra…and himself!
Our Review
This is another great addiction to my sons DVD collection. He is a big fan of Sluterra. He gets so happy when he can watch his favorite shows whenever he wants. There is a lot of new fun and adventure in this full length movie. He gets so excited to see each slugs unique talent and ability. This is a cute show for kids of a wide age range. I don’t even mind having it on the main TV. My boys have watched this over and over and never seem to get tired of it. 
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