Ozeri Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale Review

Ozeri is a specialty manufacturer of digital lifestyle products for the modern home. Ozeri began as a supplier to the destination club market. This market spans vacation residences in the destination club industry, fractional residences, timeshares, and condo hotel apartments.
Ozeri is also an emerging brand in the consumer marketplace. Ozeri products are made available to the consumer through an efficient business model. Unlike competitive brands, with Ozeri products the final price borne by the consumer is not burdened by advertising, marketing and other traditional costs that support brand equity. The Ozeri brand is instead built on the relationships formed by touch-points that countless guests have with our products at vacation residences around the world.

I received the Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale at no cost in exchange for our honest review

Our Review
This is a great scale to have in any kitchen. It will match any decor, it looks like a piece of modern art. The scale is compact so it doesn’t take up too much room on the counter. This includes a set of batteries, they are AAA so you don’t have to go hunting for watch batteries, right out of the box so you can use it immediately. The buttons blend right into the scale and are easy to push and the settings adjust quickly and easily. The display is large and bright so you don’t have to squint to see the numbers. This scale allows you to adjust the weight for a plate or dish being on top, so that you can get an accurate read on foods that you may not want to put directly on the glass, like raw chicken or ground beef. The glass plate does unscrew so you can wash it, you will just want to be very careful when you do that. The parts underneath can be a bit sharp. This is very budget friendly so it’s a great addition to your kitchen whether you use it daily or just every once in a while. I would recommend this product and give it a 5/5!

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