Jolly’s Garden Shoes and Clogs Review and Giveaway

Garden Clogs and Gardening Shoes by Jolly’s are for anyone working in the garden, around the house, or in the garage. Jolly’s garden clogs are great easy-on, easy off house shoes too. Gardening shoes are invaluable during the early spring, the mud just rinses off. Jolly’s garden clogs are convenient and totally comfortable for both men’s garden clogs and women’s gardening shoes. Garden clogs offer the durability of work boots with the ease of slippers.
I received a pair of Women’s Picture Clogs in the Apples design at no cost in exchange for my honest review

Three Garden Clog patterns to choose from:
Classic, Fashion, and now NEW! Picture Clogs. 
Two Garden shoe styles to choose from:
Classic and Fashion.
Traditional European styling imported from Germany.
Careful workmanship and durability.
Made of 100% CFC-free Polyurethane Foam.
Long-lasting good looks with brilliant colors!
Replaceable orthopedic insole of natural cork.

My Review
I am normally a strictly flip flop wearing girl. I’ve discovered living in Florida though that sometimes you need a shoe that covers your foot. When it’s the rainy season here where we live it can get very muddy very quickly. My husband does a lot of the yard work and gardening, but I have been helping out more since we’ve been at this house. I needed a pair of shoes that I could walk around outside in the yard in and not ruin my favorite flip flops, and Jolly’s fit that bill perfectly. I love the Apple design I got. They have an insole that is very comfortable so I can wear them to go out running errands or I can simply take the insole out and wear them when I’m helping in the yard. These are very versatile and sturdy. I wear them all the time when I am home. I can just slip these on to go check the mail, watch the boys when they ride bikes, or go for a walk in the forest that we live directly across from. These are the perfect all purpose and fashionable shoe! Check them out at the link below and enter to win a pair!

You can win a pair of your choice!

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