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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Harvest Snaps Review and Giveaway

You might think we’re a little pea-brained, but at Calbee North America, we don’t think great taste should be compromised. You see, our mission is as simple as our products: delicious, natural and good for you. Our passion is to offer you something wholesome and tasty, so you can enjoy snacking the way it should it be. Because to us, a snack is more than just a bag with a name. It’s a privilege you should celebrate every day, anywhere with anyone! So the next time you’re crunching at a soccer game, nervously munching during a thrilling movie, or opening up a bag "just because," we want you know we think you’re snacking the right way, the Harvest Snaps way.

I received all 6 varieties of Harvest Snaps to try at no cost in exchange for my honest review

Baked, not fried
High fiber, low sodium, low fat
Gluten free
 High protein
Minimally processed

My Review

We eat a lot, and I mean a lot, o f snacks in this house. My boys love salty crunchy snacks and I'm always looking for new and healthier ways to feed their snack addition. I had never heard of Harvest Snaps but when I read that they were so much healthier than chips and other high salt, high sugar snacks, I couldn't wait to try them. I love to eat raw veggies with dip, and I like baked and dehydrated fruits and veggies, so these were right up my alley too. I am partial to the Snapea Crisps that we got. These are baked so there's no greasy hands from eating them, they are light and airy and just the right amount of salt and flavor. I can easily eat half a bag of these and not even realize it. I don't have to feel guilty either because these are all low sodium and low fat. They are gluten free also which means I can share with my friends with dietary restrictions too. The Lentil Snaps are also delicious. I've never really eaten lentils so honestly wasn't sure if I would like these. These are baked and flavored just right though, and both varieties have become a fast favorite. My husband loves anything considered spicy or hot so he loves the Wasabi variety of the Snapea Crisps. I would definitely recommend these for a healthy alternative to other salty snacks! Check them out on their social media and enter to win a months supply!

Win a months supply!


  1. I love the snap pea chips. I usually pick them up at Whole Foods and my toddler loves them. Right now though my favorite salty food is positively Doritos.

  2. I like Food Should Taste Good cracker/chips

  3. Right now my favorite salty snack is fresh whole tomatoes with sea salt added. Fresh and delicious!

  4. Kristin Troska: I really like the Trader Joe version of Fritos.

  5. Right now I do like pretzels or whole grain nacho chips.
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  6. pretzals... can eat them by the bag load.. justina justice

  7. Fresh cherry tomatoes and cucumber from our garden sprinkled with salt!!

  8. Cucumbers in Vinegar & Salt or Salt & Vinegar chips.