Happy Feet Slippers Review

Providing the highest quality and most comfortable house slippers in the world.
I got to pick a pair of Happy Feet Slipper at no cost in exchange for my honest review

Love Everything Zebra like Snooki Polizzi? These are the slippers for you! The colored zebra slippers are a takeoff of the super popular original black and white zebra. Enjoy the vibrant colors and fun design. 
*Laces that add finishing detail
*100% Polyester material
*1 Inch foam rubber bottom
*Machine washable
*Non-skid bottoms
My Review
My feet are very sensitive so I’m picky about my shoes and slippers. Now, I am not necessarily a fan per say of Snooki, however I love the design of these slippers. I really like the different colored zebra prints on bags and slippers, so I was excited to get to pick these Pink Zebra Print Slippers. I wear a size 8 so I picked the Medium Womens. These are so super soft and plush and very very comfortable! They are a little snug when you first put them on, but they stretch a little if you wear them a few times so these are pretty true to size. The material is very soft and it feels like a hug for your feet. I live in FL but we have all tile floors that get quite chilly with the air conditioning running, so I needed a nice pair of indoor slippers. These fit the bill perfectly. The non skid bottoms are great for my floors also. These are like walking on a cloud, the soles are very soft and thick. They are good quality too. I have been wearing these for a few weeks in the house on my stone tile floors, and the soles don’t look like they’ve been worn at all. I’m very happy with these and I will be buying pairs for my boys soon!

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