Finders Key Purse Key Chain Review

Stop Losing Your Keys! Just attach your keys to the clasp and slip the Finders Key PurseĀ® keychain over the edge of your purse, backpack, gym bag, or brief case.Find your keys in the blink of an eye!
 I got to pick out a Finders Key Purse key chain at no cost in exchange for my honest review
I chose the Dolphins Dance design
My Review
I only carry a house key and a spare key for my husband’s car, so I have a pretty small key chain that seems to get buried and lost in my purses easily. If I put them in an inside pocket then I forget where I stuck them. This Finders Key Purse Key Chain is perfect for me. It hooks onto my purse, I can still close or zip my purse, and it keeps my keys easily accessible no matter what purse I’m using. They have dozens of adorable designs to fit whatever your likes may be, and to match any purse or wardrobe. The metal is nice and heavy, not flimsy so it won’t bend or break easily and the hook for your keys is also strong. No lost or dropped keys with this key chain. These will work with purses, book bags, gym bags, brief cases and so many other types of bags. If you need a hand keeping your keys where you can get to them then you need one of these! Check them out at the links below!

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