The Taco Revolution Cookbook Review

I received a copy of this cookbook at no charge in exchange for my honest review
My Review
We love tacos. We had already been experimenting with different ingredients for a while now. Getting to review The Taco Revolution Cookbook is just a big bonus for us to add to our cookbook collection. There are over 100 different taco recipes in this book! From the simplest beef and toppings taco to some real fancy ones, a variety of recipes for different sauces and sides, you will never need another recipe collection for tacos. This one book covers it all. This book has recipes that cover beef, chicken, fish, breakfast, desert tacos and so much more! We’ve made the Orange Chicken Taco dinner, the BLT Taco and one of the breakfast taco recipes so far, and can’t wait to try more.
The directions for these recipes are easy to follow and the pictures are big and colorful so you know exactly what your recipe should look like. Our’s of course never look quite as perfect, but that doesn’t change how delicious they are! If you are a taco novice, or a taco aficionado, you need this cookbook!

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