Squiggle Spin and Seek Activity Review

SQUIGGLE Spin and Seek is a fun hidden-object game that will keep everyone busy for hours! Spin the wheel and find the hidden objects you land on. Use the included color highlighter to mark each object once found. Spin the wheel again to select another set of hidden objects or try an entirely new page . . . they are all unique. Have a race! Compete against your friends and see who can find the 3 hidden objects first. Be careful, it’s addicting! It’s great for travel and you’ll never run out of batteries!

I received the SQUIGGLE® Spin and SeekOriginal Activity Pad at no cost in exchange for my honest review.
Our Review
I love to get my boys activities like this that are fun, and make them work their brain. They get so engrossed in TV and video games. They have hand held games and stuff like that but usually wind up fighting over those things. I love this Spin and Seek and so do they. This is the perfect activity toy for the car. No batteries to die and no electronic noises to make mommy and daddy crazy. They can take turns spinning and finding the objects. These objects are really hidden too! Me and my husband had some trouble finding some of the things. This is great for quiet time at home also. As you can see above, my bubba wasn’t feeling good the other day and didn’t feel like doing much. He was bored though. So I got out the Spin and Seek and he was happy. It won’t take them long to get through this pad, so I’m sure I will be buying more of these soon!

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