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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sabi Sport Cane Review

We believe that people's imperfections are what make them beautiful and that intelligently designed products can motivate us to embrace our vulnerabilities and feel happy about doing daily tasks that may have grown challenging or mundane.

Sabi products marry vibrant design and superior performance to make the most humdrum chores – from organizing your weekly pill box to taking a bath, to taking a walk – simply more enjoyable. Our ambition: to make the everyday moments count, each and every day.

I received one of the Sabi Sport Canes at no cost in exchange for an honest review

Weight: 275-310 g/10-11 oz
 Cane available in S, M, L and custom sizes 
 Cane supports up to 113 k/250 lbs of weight 
 Cane handle rubber-dipped and ultra-comfortable, offering a smooth, secure grip 
Single-piece cane shaft offers proven superior stability and safety 
 Cane tip no-slip, easy-pivot and shock-absorbent, delivering maximum stability at any speed and superior grip on the most uneven surfaces

I chose the Twilight Blue color.

My Review

I have a chronic illness called Fibromyalgia and I also have Arthritis in my right knee and spine. I'm only 34 and it sucks that I already have so many issues being able to get around comfortably. I'm always looking for "cool" or "fashionable" canes that can help me, and make a statement and look good at the same time. I have 2 other canes right now. One is very decorative and flowery, and one is just a plain silver one. I came across the Sabi website and saw the Sport canes. I needed a new color. Some women have a purse for every outfit, I like to make sure I have a cane for every season and and the different types of outfits I wear. I decided I needed the dark Twilight Blue color. 

I was able to pick the size that fit my height perfectly, and the cane is all one piece, so no aggravating adjustment with buttons that might bite your fingers. The rubber grip handle makes it very comfortable to use. It doesn't make my hand sweat and hurt like my other canes do. This cane itself is also very lightweight, so it's easy for me to carry and I don't feel like my hand is being dragged down when I'm walking. The no slip tip at the bottom is great. It's no slip no matter what. We live in FL so it rains whenever it feels like it. I have had no issues with it "skipping" or slipping out from under my hand.

I really am very impressed with this cane from Sabi and have shown my dad who also uses one, and a few of my Fibro buddies. I would definitely recommend Sabi Sport canes for anyone in need of a stylish addition to their cane collection.

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