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Playaway audio books are the simplest way to listen to digital audio content on-the-go. Ideal for circulation, each Playaway comes pre-loaded and ready to use with High Definition audio content. More than 4 million Playaways are currently circulated in over 30 thousand schools, libraries, and military installations across the country and abroad.
*This is not a consumer product. This is a commercial product for businesses such as Libraries, Schools, and Military Bases.*
In order to facilitate my review and promotion of this product I received a Playaway Audio and a Playaway View.

Each Playaway Audio has 1 book on it, and the View has 1 full length movie, or if it’s a children’s show it has several episodes on it.


My Review
This is one of the coolest products ever to come into our house for review. My boys get very very excited when things come in that are for them. My boys are all about technology and fight constantly over their video games, our phones, and my Nook. My 8 year old is an avid reader and has a ton of books, both physical and loaded on the Nook. He hasn’t really had experience yet with audio books, so this was new and cool for him. He was fascinated by this Playaway Audio. It’s very easy to use, I only had to show him the buttons one time and he was on his own using it with no help. The Clifford stories kept him entertained and engaged for quite a while. My 6 year old really went gaga over the View. He doesn’t get to play with the computer or my Nook much because I’m afraid of him pushing buttons and messing something up. He loves the View! This is also very easy to operate and took him no time at all to not need any help. Now he can get it out and watch his Bert and Ernie without one of us having to set anything up for him.

There is nothing to set up with these. No hooking it up to your computer, no software to download, no expiration dates. These are pre loaded and ready to go. You just pop batteries in them and hit play. It could not be easier. These easily fit in purses, diaper bags and activity bags for road trips.

These are amazing devices for readers and movie watchers of any age! I can think of so many places these would be perfect. Libraries, schools, the children’s ward of hospitals, actually hospitals in general. These would certainly break up the monotony of hospital stays. You can only watch TV with limited channels for so long. These would be great for young kids on plane rides too. There are literally limitless possibilities for where these could be used.

I am so happy and excited that we got these to try out. I will be sharing information on this company and product with the local library and also with my sons school!

See the Playaway View in action
Playaway Website

Share this link with your local libraries and schools and get Playaways in your area!

Library Site for Playaway!

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  1. This sounds great! My kids would love this.

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