Nutri Ventures on Hulu

NUTRI VENTURES: THE QUEST FOR THE 7 KINGDOMS follows the daring journey of heroic Theo, Lena, Ben and Little Nina, who have never known food – only Genex 100, the synthetic creation of the nefarious and ultra-rich Alex Grand. But Theo learns the truth about real food and its importance, and sets off on a quest to discover seven kingdoms where real food remains and bring nutrition back to their world. As they journey, Theo, Lena, Ben and Little Nina – accompanied by their adorable furry friend Guga – gain Nutri-Powers , the benefit of food exaggerated as a super power, and band together to rescue the seven kingdoms and defeat Alex Grand.

*Season One episodes are free with more available on HuluPlus.

Our Thoughts

This series to too cute! What an awesome way to get the message out about eating healthy and right. Slip it into a great adventure cartoon! My boys love this. They have their own Xbox 360 in their room so they have access to my Hulu Plus. They have been watching episodes of Nutri Ventures all week. The characters are great, and the animation is fantastic. This is a kids cartoon that I can really get behind, and it’s not excessively annoying like some others they watch. My boys are snack and junk food addicts and we have been trying to get them to eat a little better. It doesn’t mean much when mommy and daddy say it, but apparently it’s cool when a cartoon tells them it’s cool lol. If you have littles like mine you should definitely check this series out!

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